Welcome to the European Pizza & Pasta Show at Hotel Olympia in London on November 13-15!
We are very excited about the show, which is also hosting the European Pizza Championship.

Sveba Dahlen presents Neapolitan Pizza without fire and smoke! 

During the show you have the opportunity to see our new innovation, The Sveba Dahlen P601 High Temp Pizza Oven in the Jestic stand, 29A.
P601 Pizza High Temp has been developed in order to bake pizzas at high temperatures. Of course, it can also be used for baking pizzas in lower temperatures
and also other types of bread that require high temperatures, such as flatbread, lavash bread and pita bread.

Baking pizzas at a high temperature means that there is no need for any additives – Neapolitan pizzas use only natural ingredients. Pizza High Temp bakes at up to 500°C, and its Italian stones have been developed in collaboration with pizza bakers from Italy. The unique stones assure the quality of the product being baked. Baking a pizza takes between 60 and 120 seconds, depending on the choice of topping and the fermentation of the dough. An authentic Neapolitan pizza is rich in flavor and has airy crusts, which you get with P601 High Temp!

Learn more about P601 High Temp here!

Taste Neapolitan Pizza baked in the P601 High Temp in the Jestic stand by a real Pizza Champion during the show!

The pizzas will be baked by Riccardo Birghillotti, Pizza Chef of the Year 2018 in Sweden, which is given to the winner of Pizza Champion Cup.
We are very proud to announce that he will also compete in the European Pizza Championship during the Pizza & Pasta Show! We wish him the best of luck!
He will be making pizzas in the Jestic stand all days, but during the European Pizza Championship on November 14th, he will not be able to make pizzas in the stand at all times.

The Sveba Dahlen P-Series - P402 Pizza Oven will be used at the European Pizza Championship!

The European Pizza Championship will take place on Stage 2 on November 14th. We are very happy, but not surprised considering the quality of the oven, that during the competition the competitors will make their pizzas in
our P-Series P402 Pizza Oven!

Learn more about the P-Series here.

Learn more about the European Pizza Championship here.