New Prover - F-Series, F200 - Retarder / Prover - Prover

New prover ahead! Sveba Dahlen has developed a new prover, the F-Series. The F-Series includes F100, F200 and F500. At iba we will show all the models with all its features and benefits. F200 - Retarder / Prover - Prover Specially designed fan system with optimized airflow and pressure side for outstanding proving. Steam generator produces less waste water during the proving process, meaning a more environmentally friendly product. Compact design and robust insulated stainless steel construction. Ergonomically positioned control panel with a user-friendly interface for manual or pre-programmed retarding or proving control. Door with a double-glazed window for perfect overview. Sturdy, ergonomic handle with magnetic seal. Vertical LED lights inside for outstanding visibility. Easy detachable guides inside and a drain in the floor with a drain pipe connection for easy cleaning. Mountable tray tracks. Room for 14 trays as standard. Slots for more trays can be added upon order. Easy to switch from 400 mm trays to 450 mm trays. Automatic defrosting. Outstanding temperature and humidity sensor. Temperature range: +2º to +50ºC (retarding), room temperature to +50ºC (proving). Measurements: Width: 602 mm, height: 2161 mm, depth: 809 mm.