Water Filter

The filter cartridges, specially developed for small to medium-sized combi steamers and ovens, reduce carbonate hardness in drinking water and, as a result, prevent limescale formation in equipment. In additon, the filter medium retains metal ions such as lead or copper and reduces substances, for example chlorine, that can negatively affect taste and aroma.

The food safety of this proffesional water filter product is tested an monitored by independent institutes.

Features & Benefits

  • Limescale deposits and the associated machine breakdowns are reduced, as are additional service and repair costs.
  • Fine steam jets remain open longer.
  • Baked products, fish, meat and vegetables are cooked to their best. Elements, such as chlorine, that could impair taste and aroma are removed for improved taste.
  • Easy-to-handle cartridges exchange system.
  • Bypass settings are specially adapted to direct injection and boiler systems.
  • Flow rate of up to 300 l/h with 1 bar pressure loss.
  • Outstanding an consistent water quality - free of unwanted elements that could impair taste and aroma.
  • Maximum product safety for uninterrupted operation and safe use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Improves energy efficiency.
  • Reduces the risk of corrosion.
  • Reduces service costs.

You will have order a start-kit at first time use. After that you only need the filter refill.

Startkit contains (complete with filter):
Purity Steam C1100 (Cartridges)
Purity Steam Filter Head G3/8
Backflow preventer Purity C G3/8
Hoses DN8 3/8 x 3/4
Flow Meter G3/8
Carbonate hardness test