​Save floor space! The provers of the D-Series are placed underneath the deck oven but can also be used as a separate unit. The prover is equipped with an automatic water feed as well as humidity and temperature sensors. Not compatible with the D-Series deep deck oven or the D4 models.

Features & Benefits

  • Underbuilt prover with sliding glass doors. (Not available on DJ1).
    The sliding glass doors give a good view inside the prover. No space is required to open the doors. It also prevents the risk of condensation, which can otherwise make the floor slippery. Not available for DJ1, which is equipped with a door on hinges.
  • Digital Control Panel with timer and digital settings of temperature and humidity.
    Simple and easy-to-use panel with a timer and settings for temperature and humidity.
  • Energy-efficient and robust construction.
    The prover is well-insulated, which makes it highly energy-efficient. The prover chamber is made entirely of stainless steel, which makes it easier to clean and gives it a longer life. The prover is delivered with castors, of which two can be locked.
  • Well insulated prover chamber and stainless steel front.
    Maintains low temperature and si easy to keep clean. 
  • Optimal proving
    The prover is equipped with an automatic water feed, humidity and temperature sensors and a circulation fan for the perfect proving result. 
  • Two heights for customized ergonomics
    The prover comes in two different heights, 560/740 mm, to allow for better customization of the working height.


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