Tunnel provers & Swing provers

We have more than 40 years of experience of manufacturing tunnel provers, all provers are adapted to the oven capacity.

Features & Benefits

Tunnel provers

The tunnel provers can be built in one or two levels. Size is calculated from the capacity needed and the production facilities.
Band with up to 4 meters, the transport belt is woven in full width.
For production of tin bread or tray bread we use a plastic band that is modular. The provers are insulated with foam and the inside and outside is covered with aluminum or plastic.

Swing provers

The swing prover is avalible in two models, one that is stainless steel and one where the climate unit is in an insulated room.
The provers are modular with a maximum width of 3 meters, it can be adapted height wise to cope with proving time and capacity.