We're going to Südback in Stuttgart, Germany, the 21-24 September! Südback is one of the most important trend trade fairs for the bakery and confectionery trade in Germany and is in great demand.

At the fair we will show both Sveba Dahlen and Glimek machinery. All our machines are effective and energy efficient and we are proud to present our world class electrical oven C250, without any fossil fuel combustion, which means that it is more environmentally friendly. An amazing, flexible oven with low energy consumption, fantastic baking results - with clean energy! Our machines are also mainly recyclable, about 96% of the components in our machines can be recycled, since they mainly consist of steel and other metals.   

Below you find the Sveba Dahlen and Glimek machinery shown in our distributors booths at Südback:


Sveba Dahlen
NEW! Mini Rack Oven - S-Series SRP130 (with underbuilt proofer).
NEW! Proofer - F-Series F500.
Rack Oven - C-Series C250.
Pizza Oven - Tunnel Pizza TP11.
Pizza Oven - P-Series P402.
Deck Oven - D-Series D32E


Glimek Conical Rounder - CR600
A very flexible and high capacity cone rounder for all kind of bakeries, suitable for most types of dough. Two individually adjustable rounding sections processes the dough for ultimate rounding and optimized result. Up to 6000 pcs per hour. See it in the Jürgen Peters booth: 6D32.

Sveba Dahlen Mini Rack Oven - S-Series SRP130
The NEW S-Series! The S-Series is a small oven with the efficiency and functions of a large oven which makes it perfect as an in-store oven. At Südback we will show the new SRP130 rack oven 
 with underbuilt proofer. The new S-Series has IBS - our own patented system for alternating rotation of the rack inside the oven, SD-Touch Panel, strong insulatation with large double glass window, an effective steam-system with high capacity and much more. See it in the Richter booth: 6D31.

Sveba Dahlen Proofer F-Series - F500
The F-Series F500 is a top-class freezer-proofer, retarder-proofer and proofer. Equipped with the latest technology to simplify work in the bakery and treats dough with the utmost care - no more dehydration or over-fermentation. High quality components and materials, providing an energy-efficient and reliable machine with a long life span. The smart control panel and ergonomic design, the cabinet offers excellent results under heavy load in the bakery time and time again. See it in the Richter booth: 6D31.