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Expert training for Weishaupt oil and gas burners

01 April, 2019
We now offer an exclusive customized training course for Weishaupt oil and gas Burners in our factory in Fristad, Sweden. The course lasts for two days and covers technical training concerning startup procedure, performance adjustment and troubleshooting for burners. The course leader will be the highly experienced Anders Gunnarsson from Weishaupt GmbH. Anders has a long experience of working with burners all over the world. During the training course, participants also have the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other and the course leader. 
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Welcome to Sveba Dahlen Academy!

21 March, 2019

We offer customized training at the Bakery Innovation Center (BIC) in Fristad, Sweden, where you have the opportunity to learn more about our ovens and bakery machines and how to put them to best use in your business. Our training managers and bakery consultants are experts in Sveba Dahlen ovens and Glimek bakery equipment.

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New software to the SD-Touch panel

12 March, 2019

A new version of the software to the SD-Touch panel, version 12.0, is now launched. The new version has a number of improvements to provide you with even better information about your ovens. This software is handling a lot of benefits to the Sveba Connect cloud solution, for example statistics of runtime and usage. It also has improvements regarding the panel. Please read more below to find out about the most important updates in version 12.0.

Changes in Panel
Shows oven serial number (if added) when log on to service menu is active.

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A matchbox contributed to the idea of the rotating rack oven!

28 February, 2019

You probably already know that Sveba Dahlen is behind the invention of the rotating rack oven - but do you know the story of how the revolutionary invention took shape?

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New recipes published in Sveba Connect #foodweshare

25 February, 2019

Today we have published five new recipes in Sveba Connect. The recipes are made by the winner of the Swedish competition for the title Årets Bagare (Baker of the Year) of the Year 2014-2018. All are the winning recipe in the competition for that special year.

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New bakery in Tromsø Norway!

21 December, 2018

Through our Norwegian distributor Horni, Sveba Dahlen is proud supplier of  four Sveba Dahlen rack  ovens and a Glimek bread line to a completely new bakery in Tromsø Norway. Just a few days ago, Tromsø Bakery moved to new premises. The size of the production plant has now doubled and the quality of the products improved. The rack ovens chosen to carry out the work with the sensitive baking are the models I-Series and V-Series, which are Sveba Dahlens biggest models of rack oven.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

11 December, 2018

Instead of a Christmas card, we support The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. 
The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund works to ensure that affected children, teens and their families receive the care and support they need.

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Yes! We are about to launch Distributor Service!

19 November, 2018

Our new service portal for our distributors is live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Distributor Service, which is a step in expanding our service to you as a Sveba Dahlen distributor. Our aim, in using this portal, is to quickly and easily provide you with important information, and ensure that, as a distributor, you make a habit of regularly visiting the portal to keep yourself up to date

The login function is personal and may not be transferred.

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17 October, 2018

Welcome to THE CLEAN LABEL ARTISAN BREAD SEMINAR on October 23-24th, which will focus on artisan breads and varieties of brioche utlizing Clean Label and Organic ingredients. Special focus on Industrial Production including par-baked, straight, pre-fermented and frozen dough processes.

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The updated C-Series rack oven!

06 September, 2018

We are proud to present the updated C-Series rack oven in a new, modern design in trendy black and with lots of implemented improvements, like even better baking result with an optimized rotation speed of the rack, an improved insulation with new sealing gaskets between sections, which results in higher efficiency and less heat waste. Also better illumination inside. The C-Series come in stainless steel as standard. At iba, on the C252, we also show a new innovation – the Core temperature for rack ovens. Welcome to join the show!

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