Sveba Dahlen launches commercials

In the last year, Sveba Dahlen has developed a new brand strategy. One of the steps in our rebranding efforts has been to produce the film Sveba Dahlen Your Partner in Successful Baking.

The film takes us through the entire production process, from product development and design to delivery of the finished machine. The intention of the film is to reflect the company’s business philosophy. It illustrates how we carefully develop our machines, taking into account everything from environment and overall economy to ergonomics, and how we endeavor that we create user-friendly products without compromising on quality. We also want to show that in developing the baking machines of the future, our focus is on producing the best baking results and the most exemplary pastries.

It is extremely important to us that our cooperation with our business partners works well for everyone involved, and that we treat all our clients in a professional manner - not just when it comes to the sales and baking process, but in the important aftermarket work as well (for example, in providing good customer service). With this film, we hope to demonstrate that we are working proactively and may be relied upon as a dependable partner ready to cooperate with our clients for many years to come.

Sveba Dahlen always strives to deliver an oven that achieves the best baking results, with the highest capacity and in the most energy-efficient way!

We encourage you to check out the film!