The NEW S-Series!

We are proud to present the NEW S-Series! Do not miss the chance to see these amazing and flexible ovens at iba!
At iba we will show 3 combinations of the S-Series:
A Deck Combination Oven with 3 whole new decks and inwards opening. 
A Flexible Combination Oven with rack, deck and underbuilt prover, offers amazing flexibility in small space.
A Mini Rack Combination Oven with one rack, small oven with high efficiency and capacity.  

The efficiency, functions and results of the S-Series are similar to those of an industrial baking oven, but with sizes made
to fit perfectly as a store oven or small bakery oven. The S-Series is a small oven with high efficiency and flexibility. All S-Series
ovens are equipped with an IBS system, which is our own patented system for alternating rotation of the rack inside the oven.
The IBS system provides a quicker, more even and more energy-efficient bake.

Visit us in the Sveba Dahlen stand, Hall A6, stand 311 at iba September 15-20.