New prover - F-Series!

On iba, the largest bakery fair in Europe, we will present our new freezer/retarder/prover F500 for the first time!
The prover is developed to meet the bakeries challenges and requirements of tomorrow.
With the user in mind and with focus on the quality the F500 has been developed to ease the working load for
the baker and at the same time be as ergonomic as possible.

Below you can read about some of the benefits with the new F500.

• Reliable, energy-efficient and user-friendly freezer/retarder/prover with the lowest cost of ownership.
• Carefully chosen high-quality materials and components and an ergonomic design to ease the working load.
• Specially designed air distribution channels in the rear wall of the cabinet distributes the air very effectively.
   This results in gentler, more even air distribution with both falling and rising air.
• Doors in stainless steel, available in black or stainless steel.
• To process the dough as gently as possible, fan speed is controlled based on need. No more air than necessary
   is circulated.
• Vertical bright LED lights inside make it easy to work. There are specially designed LED lights on both sides of the doors
   that light up the racks and give outstanding visibility.
• For further energy efficiency, the lights inside the F500 turn on automatically when someone approaches and turn off when they leave.
• The control panel is placed on the door and is very easy to use with the user friendly and easy-to-learn interface. The control panel is
   placed in a very ergonomic and accessible position with the user’s comfort and improved work flow in mind.
• Easily accessed electrical/mechanical box.
• The signal tower which is equipped with lights and tunes, shows the status of the F500. Shows when a program is finished, when the
   prover is ready to use or if something needs to be addressed. 
• The doors are equipped with high-quality hinges and well-insulated, hardened glass. Door checks catch the doors when closing and
   smoothly pull them shut. The doors are equipped with ergonomic rounded handles and large windows for a good overview of the
   processes inside.

• The F500 is designed with large surfaces without unnecessary frames so that it is very easy to clean on both the outside and inside.
• Easy to lift and move the heavy duty ramp with handles on both sides, which makes it easier to clean underneath the ramp and on the front.

Welcome to our stand at iba, A6-311 - September 15-20.