The new F-Series - F100 – Climator unit

New climator unit ahead! Sveba Dahlen has developed a new prover and climator unit program, the F-Series. The F-Series includes F100, F200 and F500. At iba we will show all the models with all its features and benefits. F100 – Climator unit Special electronic steam system ensures long and reliable operation. Modern, user-friendly and easy to understand combined electronic control for temperature and humidity. Internal or external control panel. External control can be mounted outside the prover room (up to 10 meters from the F100). Electronic temperature/humidity generator can be placed anywhere in the prover room. One F100 has steam capacity for rooms up to 10 m3. Up to four units can be connected in parallel for a total capacity of up to 40 m3. Available in black or natural steel color. Measurements: width: 504 mm, height: 1590 mm, depth: 239 mm.