Glimek gets a new logo and graphic style for 2019

We are pleased and proud to present our new Glimek logo. Furnishing one of the strongest brands in the bakery industry with a new logo required both courage and reflection. Showing deep respect for the existing brand, we redesigned the logo according to the basic criteria we wanted it to manifest. We decided to update the brand to show that Glimek – despite its more than 70 years in the industry – is still a modern brand, ready to meet and step into the future. Glimek is and must remain a premium brand deserving of respect, which we now want to emphasize through our graphic profile and future product development.

Crucial criteria for a new logo
Some of the criteria we worked on to get the right logo effect have included keeping our authentic beginnings while infusing them with a more modern style. We envisaged a logo that embodies both prepping products and industry. It should exude modern, robust, reliable Swedish quality, yet be international, as well. It was also important to align the new logo with the Sveba Dahlen brand and its logos.

The logo will be implemented immediately, based on a roll-out plan. We want the introduction to go as smoothly as possible, which is why we are commencing an ongoing phasing-in process involving online and printed matter, for instance. As a distributor, this means you will have to make sure that you are using the correct logo in your marketing. The logo is found in Media Store/Distributor Service (no login required):

Glimek machinery
Glimek machinery ordered from September 8, 2019, will carry the new logo.

Trade fairs
Glimek machinery presented at trade fairs from September (such as südback in Germany and IBIE in Las Vegas) will carry the new logo.

Guidelines specifying logo placement on both graphic material and machines are being prepared. We will get back to you when these are ready.

If you have any questions, please contact Åsa Ericsson, Marketing Manager, Sveba Dahlen, on +46 3315 1547 or by e-mail at